Amy Gwin interviews Allan Meyerson

1.Describe a leader in your life who made an impact on you and why.

My wife Debbie. Sometimes the best leaders are just guiding people through life – being consistent, reliable and strong. He has good instincts, she sees things coming. Debbie, sees what’s coming in the future but is also great at being in the here and now.

2.What are the barriers to being a great leader?

Buying into your own hype. We can get so wrapped up in our own story and what people are saying to make us happy, we don’t see what’s real. We all have plenty to learn. We can’t forget that.

We also can’t worry about whether people like us or agree with us. If you walk the walk, people will ultimately respect you even if they don’t like everything you do.

3.What’s your greatest skill as a leader that you can pass on to others?

Focus on the truth. Call people out on what’s not real. You can’t do good work when you’re operating on bullshit. The desire for something to be a certain way, doesn’t make it so. Be real with yourself and others.

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