Top 5 Apps created on the fly at Sticky Business

The exercise: Divide up into groups of 4. On a post it note, write down your favorite newest App. On another write down the way you like to spend your free time.

Now mash together an App with a Hobby and create something entirely new!

  1. Time Out – An app that sets a mood based on where you are going as a destination. So you are in your car headed to happy hour – The App puts you in the mood through clinking glasses sound effects and wine suggestions.
  1. Sunday Pie – This is an app that ensures you spend your off day in perfect balance between pleasure, family and professional obligations. It divides up your day and times your activity.
  1. Life Trailer – An App that pulls together your recent pictures and videos and turns them into a Movie Trailer. “In a world, where you get up a go to work…’ Features: Famous director filters, Genre Music and the obligatory record scratch moment where you find out your kid didn’t do his homework. 
  1. Feng Schwing – Shank your tee shot? Take a minute to breathe and find your zen before the next shot and bring the rest of the golf course to its knees with this new golf relaxation app.
  1. Run and Chill – For joggers who like to hook up. You are running along and the App lets you know that there is a single attractive person who matches your qualifications nearby. You Jog on over, and, Chill.


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